Donald Seneca Plus Size Schoolgirl Tartan Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt Stewart 2X

  • Skirts are 14″ to 15″ long
  • Skirts open/close with Velcro for easy on/off
  • Washable/Dry Clean Warm Iron
  • Fabric is a Cotton/Poly mix
  • Made in USA

This sexy little Red Plaid Tartan Mini Skirt wraps around the body and closes with a 5″ strip of Velcro which also allows a slight adjustment in size. Whether you wear your skirt high on the waist, over the belly button, Hip-hugger, a couple of inches below the belly button ( these pictures show the hip-hugger style) or you may like to wear it low-rider, low low low on the hip, then it is very easy to choose the right size. Measure around the part of your body where you want the waistband of the skirt to sit, then match it with our sizes. The Length of the skirts are 1X,2X,3X,4X are 14″ Long. 5X and 6X are 15″ Long.


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